East Austin Food Trailer Park

There is a cool food trailer park in East Austin, off 6th street.  There were about 8 food trucks there, pizza, vegan, greek, pig, mexican, japanese, bbq and fish-n-chips.   I met Heather, Del, and David there for lunch.  We decided to have a food trailer picnic and each of us ordered something from the different trailers and we all shared so everyone could try everything.

I couldn’t help but get something from the Love Balls Bus, which was the japanese truck.  I got the Takoyaki:

This was a very interesting food, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t like something that was super fantastic, either.  We did eat them all, though.   We also had bbq, greek, mexican, fish-n-chips and pizza.  It really was quite a bit of food for only 4 people, but we managed. :)  Afterwards, we took a walk a couple of blocks to have a drink at Blue Dahlia, and while we were there, we decided to have dessert.  Chocolate cake, creme brulee and mousse!  It was a great afternoon, and after it was all said and done, I realized we had spent 4 hours out there.  Wonderful afternoon and the weather couldn’t have been any nicer.

Austin Terrier

Austin Terrier is a new, local restaurant that opened just a couple of months ago.  After one of our workouts, we decided to give it a try.  Oh man, their Trio of Fries appetizer was to die for!   There was enough for 5 of us to share.

TRIO OF FRIES ………………………………………………………………………………………………….$4.95
Sweet Potato, Truffle & Parmesan, and Paprika & Mustard

The truffle & parmesan and paprika & mustard were far superior to the sweet potato fries which are normally the favorite.

Dos Batos

Dos Batos – I had heard about this place from my hairstylist.  She ranted and raved about it, so I knew I had to check it out one day.  It’s across the street from the bike shop, so I decided to check it out after a bike shop visit.   They don’t have an extensive menu, but they’re specialisty is woodfired tacos.  I ordered a torta instead of a taco and it was pretty yummy and huge!   The inside of the restaurant is pretty basic, but the mural on the wall was neat-o.


Decided that it was about time to do some grown up stuff, and got some tickets to see Wicked at the Bass Concert Hall, another Austin establishment that is part of the UT system.  I’d heard rave reviews of the show, so was anxious to see it.  Got all dolled up, even bought a new pair of shoes, and went to the show with my friend, Rudy, whom I’ve known since high school.  He was a dear and drove up from San Antonio to accompany me.   Rudy was also my date to the prom, so we thought it would be highly entertaining to take a similarly posed picture 20 years later. Yes, folks, 20 years, this year is our 20 year high school reunion!  I can’t believe it, either, almost feels just like yesterday.

Austin Fit Magazine Launch Party

Austin Fit Magazine is a free, local magazine about the fitness scene in the Austin area.  It’s a pretty cool mag, and they were having a launch party, so Del and I decided to go.  It was at a new, hip, Mexican restaurant downtown on the first floor of the Astonian highrise.

The party was cool, lots of pretty people for sure.  The drinks were good and you can never go wrong with free appetizers.   This is one I had, I don’t even remember what it was, but I want to say it had octopus in it or something.

After the party, Del and I decided to have dinner there and it was a pretty warm night (for February), so we sat out on the patio, where a live band began to play.  They were pretty entertaining, and even came over to our table and stuck a mic in my face so I could sing along.

Afterwards, we walked down the street a bit, that turns into the trail, but it was pretty dark, so we didn’t go far.  Garrido’s is on the ground floor of this building, and outside the restaurant was a cool looking statute.

Zing, zing, Zingers!

Zinger’s is a hardware a general merchant store in Austin.  They just moved to a new location, and I’d never been, so after having dinner with Heather and her husband, Jeff, we hit Zinger’s since it was right next door.   What a cool place!

I can’t even begin to tell you all that they sell there, but everything is cool.   We found the toy section, and I just had to snap a picture.  They sell some cool kites there, so I need to go back and get one for the Kite Festival in March.

Architects of Air

I was struggling on finding something Austin-y to do this past weekend.  I saw on Facebook about the Architects of Air at the Long Center for a week.  Looked cool online, so I drove downtown to check it out.  Except, it was sold out.  I don’t see being able to find time to go anytime during the week seeing as there is typically a 2 hour wait, and it’s only open until 5pm.  I’m a little bummed about it because I ran into a friend of mine who was in line and who posted some really awesome pictures of it on Facebook later that day.  It was breathtaking.

Before leaving, I walked over to the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and walked across and back and read up a little about the history of Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake) and snapped some pics.  I might have to do 2 Austin-y things this weekend to make up for not really doing anything this past weekend.

Kayaking on Town Lake

Saturday morning, Jan. 7, I went on a 25 mile bike ride with my buddies, Heather and Carol.  We’re all signed up to do the 100 mile bike ride for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS.  More on that another time.    Afterwards, Heather and I have the following conversation:

Heather: “What are you doing today?”
Me: “A whole bunch of nothin'”
Heather: “What to come over and we can do nothin’ together?”
Me: “Sure!”

Normally we just hang out and talk about life and triathlon stuff.  I headed over to Heather’s and we went to Galaxy Cafe (a local restaurant) for a late lunch.  During lunch I explained to Heather about my New Years Resolution on experiencing Austin.   Heather has lived in Austin a lot less time than I have and she’s done a whole bunch of Austin things already.  She asked if I’d ever been kayaking on Town Lake, and I hadn’t.  So, that’s what we did!   I got totally soaked, and it was hard work trying to paddle in a straight line, but lots of fun.  I was scared to take my regular point-n-shoot camera with me on the kayak, so I just have pictures I took with my cellphone.

Funny how a whole bunch of nothin’ can turn into a whole bunch of sumthin’!  Thanks, Heather!

Underwear Run 2012

This was the 3rd Annual unofficial Underwear Run.   Yes, it’s what you think it is.  Running in your underwear.  Starting at Jack and Adam’s on Barton Springs, run over to the Texas State Capitol and back.  It’s unofficial as there i s no registration fee, no set course, and no real winner.  Basically, you just show up in your underwear and run as far as you want to run.

As I am a very modest person, I improved with my “outfit”, but there were many others who are very comfortable with their bodies.  I only ran a little over 2 miles, and we got a ton of honks from cars, but total fun!   Afterwards we had brunch at 24 Diner.  A local Austin restaurant, where I had the fabulous Feta Frittata.  Wow, it was yum!   I took a few swigs of a friend’s hot chocolate and it was yum, too!  I can’t wait to go back to try more items on the menu.

Del as the playboy bunny. He unofficially won the costume contest and got the most car honks!
My "underwear".